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Mississauga Banners


What kind of marketing material would you choose to promote a business event, a sale, or the most important mission of your company? If your answer is ‘a banner’, you’ve come to the right spot. Skymark Signs has exactly what you need!

Mississauga Banners banner10 300x225Skymark Signs will work with you to design and create the ideal banner for any event or purpose, be it you need a tradeshow banner, an outdoor sign or a tabletop retractable banner. Our specialists will listen to you, and will recommend you the best solution for your specific situation or event, a banner that will attract all looks and will convey your messages in a clear and compelling manner.

Call Skymark Signs today at (905) 581-0995 for a Free Consultation with a Banner Expert!

Promotional Banners

Mississauga Banners IMG 0717 300x200There are many situations that call for the use of an impactful banner. Business promotion is among the most common reasons why companies make use of banners. These promotional banners can be used just about anywhere, indoors and outdoors, to attract attention or to guide viewers in finding certain areas inside a building or a conference center. Indoor banners include hanging banners and retractable banners. For long-term use, our specialists recommend choosing a more durable vinyl, in order to extend the lifespan of your banner.

Skymark Signs acknowledges the need for top-notch advertising and promotional materials. A business needs to be perceived as professional, before being able to accomplish its goals. We know this very well, hence our permanent concern with creating compelling marketing materials to help you promote your business.

Banner Support Structure

Mississauga Banners Event Flag Sign promotional sign outdoor banner 300x225In order to get displayed, banners need a sort of support or hanging mechanism. Grommets may work just fine, but in some situations you’ll also need an external structure to keep your banner in place. As these mechanisms depend on the type and the size of the banner, we will discuss these details with you during our initial consultation. Like this, we will be able to include all additional accessories and modifications in your quote. With us, you’ll know the cost of your promotional banner right off the bat. We can show you samples of materials and support solutions, so you are welcome to stop by our shop to take a look at them.

Full-Service Sign Company

Mississauga Banners banner 3 300x225Skymark Signs handles all stages of the banner manufacturing process, and sources all accessories and support elements, if needed. If your banner includes a stand, we will make sure you understand how to assemble it yourself. In case of larger banners with complex support structures, we will help you with the on site installation. The same applies in case of hanging banners.

Free Expert Banner Consultation

Skymark Signs is your local banner expert that can bring you one step closer to achieving your marketing goals. We can create a single banner for your next event, if that’s what you need. Nonetheless, we would be happy to become your long-term supplier for all your promotional banner needs.

Call Skymark Signs today at (905) 581-0995 for a Free Consultation with a Banner Expert!