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Long Branch Lit Signs
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Long Branch Lit Signs

Investing in our Long Branch lit signs is a wise marketing move for businesses that need regular customer traffic for improved revenue. These customized illuminated signs can make your storefront more visible and your interior more unique and captivating—setting you apart from your competitors in a good way!

The good news is that if you work with Skymark Signs, you can be assured that you’ll get the best value for what you paid for. Regardless of the amount, we always tailor our signs to fit our client’s budgets.

Our team will customize the material and other details of your signage so it will have the maximum durability and functionality possible. We also have in-house graphic designers so you can ensure that your sign will carry your branding elements in an attractive and compelling way.

Whether you need indoor or outdoor signs for promotional or informational purposes, our team can quickly deliver the best signage solution!

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Custom Lit Signs

One great thing that distinguishes Skymark Signs from other signage providers is our 100% commitment to fully customizing our products. We uphold the highest standards for designing, manufacturing, and installing all the signs we provide. And we’ll dedicate the same effort to creating your Long Branch lit signs!

We will meticulously customize your chosen lighted signs to match your branding image, budget, installation area, and signage purpose. And if you’re not sure what sign will best fit your goal, our signage experts can help you decide.

We’ll guide you through the various kinds of lighted signage you can use. We aim to help you understand the pros and cons of each sign type, as well as the customization options that can be done for them. This way, you can opt for something that won’t exceed your budget but still meet your visual requirements.

After you’ve chosen a signage type, we’ll start the customization process. We’ll consider all your ideas and expectations as we create design proposals. We will also consider your installation area so your signage’s dimensions, material, and illumination method will work perfectly together.

Lightbox Signs or Cabinet Signs

Lightboxes or cabinet signs are among our bestselling Long Branch lit signs. They have a very simple structure but are highly effective in highlighting your company name, logo, slogan, and other details you want on your building’s facade.

With this signage, you’ll get a transparent face panel and inner lighting to illuminate your panel’s design. This will improve its durability during nighttime. And during the day, your cabinet sign’s design will remain eye-catching and compelling.

For the internal light source, Skymark Signs prefers LED for energy efficiency. It also proves to be less costly in maintenance cost over time.

LED Signs

If you want the vintage look of classic neon signs but at an affordable rate, Skymark Signs can offer a better alternative than actual neon. We can install durable and attractive LED signs on your building instead!

With these LED signs, you can achieve the retro charm of neon signs but not pay for their high purchase and maintenance costs. LED is also believed to be more environmentally friendly than neon since it consumes less energy.

LED signs come in flexible tubes that can bend into practically any shape you want. Whether you want to spell out your business name, create an image, or any other decorative element, we can achieve that with our high-quality LED signage.

Digital Signs

To achieve a more modern appeal, digital signs are another good option from our list of illuminated signage. We use LED displays of various sizes, so you can choose the best one that will fit your installation area better. You can choose whether you want your digital signs to be a solo sign or part of another structure, like a monument sign or pole sign.

The best thing about digital signs is they will help you save money in the long run. If you install them, you won’t need to buy and install another sign in their place whenever you need to display a new promotion or information. You simply need to reprogram them, and a new graphic design will be shown on the digital panel. Another thing, you can use a digital sign for both indoor and outdoor messaging.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Another type of our bestselling lighted signs is illuminated channel letters. They’re individually cut signage elements that come in the form of any letter, number, icon, or shape you want.

While channel letters are already elegant in their basic form, the added lighting makes them more visible and attractive. They can make your establishment more eye-catching from morning until night.

Illuminated channel letters can be front-lit, backlit, or halo-lit. Ask our signage experts for recommendations to decide which is best for your storefront or lobby!

Full-Service Long Branch Sign Company

Lighted signs make your business more attractive and compelling to your potential customers. But while all illuminated signage can add charm to your place, you need a professional signage provider to ensure your investment will be worthwhile.

Skymark Signs, for instance, is one of the best Long Branch, ON sign companies. If you work with Skymark Signs, our team will ensure that your signs have the best material for your budget range. We’ll also see that it will have a design that will make your brand or establishment stand out from your competitors while reinforcing your branding efforts.

Aside from lighted signs, we also design, manufacture, and install all kinds of custom signs you may need. Regardless of your business or facility, we can customize your promotional and informational signs in the best way possible.

Need Lit Signs? Let’s Talk!

Long Branch Lit Signs skymark logoIf you want to know more about our lit signs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’d love to guide you through our comprehensive list of signage and help you choose the one you would want to install.

If you end up needing another type or more signage, our team will gladly handle everything for you.

We guarantee long-lasting and attractive signs that will help you achieve all your messaging goals!

Call Skymark Signs today at (905) 581-0995 for your Free Consultation with a Long Branch Lit Sign Specialist!